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Monday, August 27, 2012

Paint Colors

Good Morning and afternoon. I am totally fired!!!! I have had such a busy last few days. My grandparents came into town so I had to pick them up and then get them situated. Then Saturday they checked into a resort. Then Sunday I spent the day at the hospital getting to know where I am going to be having my little man and finding out that I need to find a Level 3 NICU because I may not make it even to 32 weeks with all the contractions I have been having. I am trying to bake this baby as long as possible!

So today I have just a little trick I used when I first started getting my Creative Inspiration Paints!

We have a file you can print that has all the colors.

Well if you are anything like me I like to get into everything to see what it looks like and when you have so much you want a way to know what the colors are. 
Of course I printed this and quickly filled in the colors. However, I kept losing the sheet and needed a better way just to know what colors where what. I know your thinking the jars are clear how can you not know what the colors are. 

Then I decided trying to alphabetize the colors but that just didn't work. Then I tried keeping them close to their color categories. Still I had to fish through my paint pots.

So I decided the best thing to do was put a dot of paint on the top of each lid and then put them in rows in a container. Now it is easy peasy picking colors because I can clearly see the colors on the lid. Sorry I haver no photos either! I know bad Shanna!!! I tapped my hand.





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Sandie Edwards said...

Best of luck with your baby's arrival Shanna, do hope you can bake for a longer period of time.

OmaGloria said...

Great tips! You will be in my thoughts and prayers that you can keep the oven fires burning for as long as they need to!!

Precious Hugs