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Saturday, August 11, 2012

whatever happens...

Hello my fabulously crafty friends!

I hope you are ready to get a bit messy...

Today is about letting go of our need for complete control.  Letting what ever happens, happen. Sometimes we get too caught up in perfectly colored images, using just the right colors, and placing accents in the most effective places possible. It can get a bit overwhelming!

So, once in a while it is nice to step back and just let things happen. Watch the magic unfold in front of you. It is amazing what results you can get!

What you will need:
Nonstick craft sheet
Distress Ink
Paint brush 
Spray mister (filled with water)
Creative Inspirations paint
Heat gun (optional, but sure helps!)

 Step 1: swipe your Distress Ink(s) across your nonstick craft sheet to transfer ink on to it. You'll want to lay down a fair amount of ink. You can use just one color, or you can use multiple colors... just don't rub one pad over where another is or your ink pads will get messy.

 Step 2: use your paint brush to flick droplets of CI paint onto your ink swatch. If the paint is thick, you may need to mix some paint with little water in to make it flickable.

 Step 3: use a mister filled with water to spray the ink and paint until you have nice juicy droplets of ink instead of swipes.

 Step 4: place your paper face down in the inky goodness and press down. Don't smear it around, just press down over the whole paper.

 Step 5: carefully lift it up and dry it. It may look something like this, but each and every time you do this it will be unique. The ink and paint will just do what they want. Love that!

 Step 6: to add dimension (and to not waste ink!) gently tap the paper randomly in the ink/paint puddles that are still on the craft sheet. Dry between taps to build up the layers.

 This is how mine turned out... I love how some spots are packed with sparkle while other spots have just hints of shimmer. And all the random splotches of color... LOVE IT!

 Still have extra ink on the craft sheet? Not a problem. Just grab another paper and dab it in! This is the second paper I did from a pink and yellow mix. The colors are a lot more blended together, and more of the white paper shows through, but it still looks wonderful!



jessica said...

What a GREAT idea!!! love the way your card turned out!! Simply gorgeous!!!

DIANA L. said...

Beautiful job, your card came out great, Kassi great technique


Shanna Shands said...

Sorry I have not been around much. I love this tutorial you did. This is definitely a technique I will be using soon!

BarbaraW said...

Love this idea. Very pretty.

Kianel said...

Once again Kassi, a wonderful idea!
Thanks for sharing!
Love, Kianel.

Traci S. said...

This is a great technique! I love how the pink/yellow card came out!
I use C.I. paints all of the time. They are my favorite paints!

Thanks for sharing this tutorial with others.

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Traci Starkweather

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