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Saturday, October 2, 2010

eerie lights...

" candle was nearly burnt out, when, by the glimmer of the half-extinguished light, I saw the dull yellow eye of the creature open..."
-Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
Hello everyone!
Welcome to our first ever Creative Saturday Inspirations! YAY!

Getting into the frightfully fun mood that comes about this time of year, I thought I would show you this fun home decor project. *note, by changing the colors & stamps, you can make great candles year round!*

You will need:
Tissue Paper
Wax Paper
Creative Inspirations Paint(s)
Makeup Sponge (or paint dauber, or paint pad...)
Heat tool

Step 1: Using a make-up sponge, cover your chosen stamp with CI paint using a dabbing motion. (here I am using Royal Purple)
Step 2: Working quickly so the paint doesn't dry, stamp your image onto a piece of tissue paper (like the kind you put in gift bags)

Step 3: Trim your image. You can either trim around your image, or if your stamped image is larger than the hight of your candle (as is the case with mine), use your candle as a guide to cut your image.

Step 4: Place your tissue paper image (paint side out) on your candle.

Step 5: Tightly wrap a piece of wax paper around the candle. You want to make sure it has firm and smooth contact over the image. (this will prevent bubbles when heating)

Step 6: Hold the extra wax paper in the back to keep it tight. Gently heat with your heat tool. You need to be very careful with this step. You only want to melt the very top layer of the candle to allow the tissue paper to be sealed in... if you over heat it, your candle will start to deform.
*caution: heat tools are just like they sound... HOT! (yes, I have burned myself, LOL) So, be careful!*

You know you are ready to move on when it is hard to see the tissue paper.... compare the above image with the image above step 4.

Step 7: Slowly remove the wax paper.

Step 8: Gently heat with your heat tool to smooth out any imperfections.

Allow your candle to cool & harden completely, then you are ready to use. *please use caution burning the candles. You have added paper to the outside, so keep an eye on them.*

It is really hard to photograph the shimmer on the candle because the surface is rounded... however, I assure you, the shimmer is still there!

For my trio, I used Royal Purple, Antique Silver, and Onyx Creative Inspirations paint. The spider web stamp is by Inkadinkado.

Have a great weekend!


Clare said...

brilliant, love it, will definitely give it a go!!

~ Kendra ~ said...

Great job Kassi! Never would have thought of doing that!

Creative Inspirations said...

That is such a great idea. Love that you can use it for all occasions.

Karen Wilson said...

This is soooo creativ! WOuld've never thought to use paint that way! TFS!

Jess said...

What a fantastic tutorial! It's all laid out so simply that I'm sure even I will be able to do it ;)

Chrissy D said...

Cool project!

Kianel said...

fantastic idea Kassi!!! wow, i just wish Halloween was that much popularhere in France...
french hugs, Kianel.