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Saturday, October 9, 2010

snowy windows...

Hello all you wonderful blog friends! Are you ready for another Creative Saturday Inspirations? I am!

I guess I'm sorta on a "seasonal" kick... This time, it is winter. (as with last week's, this is a project that can be VERY adaptable depending on how you decide to do it!)

Glass Slide

You will need:
Ranger Memory Glass (size is up to you)
Staz-on ink
clear embossing ink
Stamp (I'm using a cute new on from Great Impressions)
white cardstock
Creative Inspirations Paint (color is up to you)
dye ink (I like Distress ink)
embossing powder
Glossy Accents by Ranger
cotton ball
heat tool
tweezers (yup, this one IS important!)

Step 1: Flip your stamp upside down and ink it up with Staz-on. (you want to use Staz-on because it will dry on your glass)

Step 2: Carefully press your glass onto your stamp while it is still upside down. This makes placement easier, and I feel like I have more control. The ink will want to slide on the glass, so be careful to keep it in check!

Step 3: Remove the glass from the stamp, and set it aside to dry. It will take some time, so keep your fingers off, or it will smear!

Step 4: Cut a piece of white cardstock to the size of your glass.

Step 5: Using a cotton ball, randomly dab CI paint onto your cardstock. *thanks Kendra for this idea!* (I am using Winter Frost here)

Step 6: When the paint has dried, use an ink blending tool to rub dye ink over the paper.

Step 7: Take a slightly damp rag and gently wipe the ink off of the paint. The paint will act as a resist, leaving you a fun colorful and shimmery paper.

going back to your glass when it is dry...

Step 8: Press one edge of your glass into your embossing ink. (you want to work one edge at a time to keep things easier.)

Step 9: Dip the glass into a pile of embossing powder.

Warning: This step gets hot FAST! Use the tweezers to hold the glass!

Step 10: Carefully heat the embossing powder on the glass with a heat tool. You need to be very careful while heating the glass. If you do it too fast, the glass will break. Heat it for a few seconds, then take the heat away for a few seconds, then heat again, then take the heat off again... until it is melted. Since the glass gets hot and keeps melting the powder, it doesn't really take that long. (and yes, unfortunately I am speaking from experience here... except it wasn't a small piece of glass... LOL!)

Step 11: repeat steps 8-10 with each remaining side

Step 12: Squeeze some Glossy Accents onto your shimmery paper. (I use Glossy Accents because it is a strong adhesive that works well with non-porus surfaces, and dries clear)

Step 13: Press your glass on top of your paper.

Step 14: Wiggle the glass around to smoosh the Glossy Accents over the entire surface, then align the edges and let dry.

(optional) Step 15: embellish.... I glued tiny rhinestones in the center of each snowflake. You could also add glitter, ribbon, charms.... whatever! Make it your own and have fun with it!
I like to stamp on the glass and put the painted paper behind it, because it really gives it depth... And the shimmer is so gorgeous!
These are fun to use in lots of ways.... You can put them on cards or LOs, you can make them into jewelry, you can make them into ornaments.... So many possibilities for these pretty things!

Now is the part where I show you my finished project.... well... how about a semi-finished project? I made 4 snowflake glass slides, and glued them to the outside of a box.... And yes, when I was taking pictures, it was still drying (hence the little clothes pins LOL!).

Have a fabulous day, and I will be back tomorrow with our next challenge! YAY!
See you then!!


Creative Inspirations said...

That is pretty cool! You come up with some amazing ideas Kassi!

Jan Hennings said...

This is amazing and great tutorial!

byondbzr said...

Way too cool girl!

Kianel said...

oh wow Kassi, what a great idea and clear explanations too! my fingers are just eager to prove that soon!
hugs, kianel.

Chrissy D said...

Ohhh sooo cool! Gorgeous!

Karen Wilson said...

This is neat!! Great idea!

~ Kendra ~ said...

Cool tutorial Kassi!! I love it! I just love using cotton balls on my projects with the paints, it gives such a neat look!

BarbaraW said...

Cool idea. Great tutorial.

Shelly Schmidt said...

I love this neat idea- I love the picture tutorial as well!