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Saturday, September 22, 2012

who says fabric is for sewing...

Hello my wonderful and creative friends!

Have you been to your local craft store recently?  Well, if you have, you may have noticed that fabric flowers seem to be the rage for scrapbook/card/mixed media supplies.

Personally, I would rather make my own to fit my project.... 

 Step 1: run your chosen fabric through a die cut machine with your favorite flower die.  The steel rule die (the heavy thick dies) work best for cutting fabric, but you can use the thinner dies if you don't mind doing a little hand snipping to finish the cuts. You can also hand cut these if you would rather wield the scissors.

I'm using canvas here, but any fabric will work.  (I love using worn out jeans for this!)

Step 2: thin out your CI paint by mixing some paint with water on a non porous surface.

Step 3: paint. Yes, I know, this is the hardest step and you were all wondering just how I did it.... LOL!

Step 4: let them dry completely.... 

In the meantime, you can feel free to admire that shimmer!  The purple ones are canvas with Royal Purple CI, the darker ones are old jeans with Autumn Wheat. Gorgeous, huh!

Step 5: for shabby flowers, use your fingernail to rub and fray the edges of the petals.

Step 6: glue all layers of your flower together and add a center.

 Did you know that you can alter the color of the CI Jeweled Inspirations by coloring them with an alcohol based marker (like Sharpies)?  
Step 7: Scrunch up your flower. I like to scrunch it up around the jeweled center, but you can scrunch it any way you see fit.

Step 8: gently un-scrunch your flower, and you are ready to use!

These can be made in any size or shape with what ever fabric you want.  Try layering different kinds of fabric for a fun twist (the flower in this card is layered with canvas and tulle).  Try using different things for centers... buttons, beads, pearls, charms...anything you want! If you don't like the shabby look, just don't fray the edges. Make it fit your project and style, make it yours!



jessica said...

gorgeous!!! I must try this! Thanks Kassi for sharing!

Dana Tatar said...

Cool flowers Kassi! Thanks for sharing! =)

Kimberly S said...

Beautiful flower, love the end result! Thanks so much for sharing both the fabric tutorial and the bling tip. :) hugs, Kimberly

Emily D. said...

This is such a fantastic card... I love the stamp! And that flower you created is amazing!

DIANA L. said...

This is a super idea Kassi- now I know what to do with the old jeans.

Colleen Dietrich said...

Great idea to make your own fabric flowers, and then dazzle them with CI Paints! The uses are just endless. :)