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Saturday, May 12, 2012

label this...

Hello my fabulously wonderful friends!

Watching my mom and aunt go though all of my Grandparents things was hilarious! If neither one of them had a preference for an item, they would pair up two similar items and flip a coin to see who got what. I spent a fair amount of time as the official "coin tosser".  

One thing that got passed on to me was an vintage Dymo tapewriter from the 70's.  They gave it to me in hopes that I could use it in my art. 

Well, not only have I used it, I am going to share a fun technique with you! Please note that although I am using an old tapewriter, any of the newer label makers that emboss strips of plastic will work.  (the ones that print the labels won't work, it must be one that embosses.)

Here's what you need:

Creative Inspirations Paint
Label Maker
Sandpaper or Emery Board
Glossy Accents

Step 1: Cut strips of  cardstock to whatever width of tape your label maker uses. I used cheap white cardstock, but I have also used kraft, and Glossy Paper with great results. Feel free to play!

Step 2: Paint your cardstock strip with your favorite color of Creative Inspirations Paint. Having good contrast between your cardstock color and paint color will make the end result better. (I'm using Denium)

 Step 3: Once your strip is dry, load it into your label maker the same way you would load you tape. Gently curl the strip into the place that normally holds the tape cartridge. 

 Step 4: Make your label... 

 Step 5: Using sandpaper or an emery board, gently buff off the paint from the embossed letters to reveal the cardstock color. (this is where having the contrast in colors will make it pop)

 Step 6: Cover with a layer of Glossy Accents (by Ranger) or other glossy sealer. This is optional, but it will protect the label and give it the shiny look that the plastic tape has. (except yours will be a custom color and have that great CI shimmer!!!!)
This one is a white cardstock core painted with Burgundy CI. Check out that shimmer!

 This is a fun way to add journaling to your LOs or a message on a card. 



Anne Temple said...

This is one of the most creative things I've seen in a while and I can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Creative Inspirations said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!! Leave it to you to come up with something that is so awesome like this. Everyone is going to go out and be looking for the embossing label makers now.

jessica said...

What an awesome tutorial!!!

~ Kendra ~ said...

What a cool idea!! Awesome!!

Colleen Dietrich said...

Kassi, you always blow me away with the many, MANY used for CIPaints! This is super clever.

Kianel said...

OMG, what a fantastic idea Kassi! My, you are soooo creative sweetie! And the result is outstanding!
Thanks for sharing all those super ideas with us!
Love, Kianel.