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Saturday, January 26, 2013

good ol' fashion burlap...

Hello my wonderful friends!
Can I just say that I am loving burlap???  It has a fantastic texture, and takes paint in a uniquely wonderful way! For the very bare basics of burlap and Creative Inspirations paint, you can simply brush the paint on to add beautiful color and shimmer to the fabulously textured fabric. Simple and effective. I didn't really think you needed a step by step photo of that one seeing as it would be all of one photo... LOL!

Going just a bit further, while staying sweet and simple, let do some cutting!  Now, you can hand cut if you are good with scissors, but I wanted to play with dies, so here we go....

Step 1: Brush on some gesso.... This step is optional, but it does serve two purposes... first, it helps stabilize the loose weave so it won't unravel when it is cut, second, the white will help the color of the CI paint really pop! 

Step 2: Sandwich your burlap between two pieces of regular paper. This just helps cut the fibers better for some reason. It also helps them to not get stuck in the plastic cutting mat. Very helpful. Place the die on top of the top paper and run through your machine like usual
*NOTE: When choosing a die, keep in mind that the weave of burlap is loose. Detailed dies, or dies with thin areas will not cut well, or will simply fall apart. Choose bold designs for better results*

Step 3: Paint on your favorite Creative Inspirations color... See how even the light Lavender shows up beautifully because of the gesso?  And the texture! *swoon!!!*

Now, you can stop here if you want.... it does look fabulous!  However, if you are going for a more tattered or shabby look...

Step 4: Use your finger nail to gently fray the edges until you have the desired shabby look. Because of the gesso, you have control over how tattered and frayed you let it get. If you don't gesso it, it will just fray to it's heart's content without any help from you.

Don't you just want to touch it???

And it's so shimmery and shiny!

Well... That is a super simple way to begin incorporating burlap and Creative Inspiration paint into your crafting! I've got more ideas to play with, and the burlap beside my computer is calling to me... 



Jess said...

Awesome ideas!

jessica said...

gorgeous!!! LOVE this idea!!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous card!!
I love burlap too so versatile!
Love how you added it to you card!!

DIANA L. said...

Awesome Kassi , Now I know what too do with all the burlap I have thanks for sharing.


Dana Tatar said...

Awesome technique Kassi!