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Saturday, May 25, 2013

resin-ating awesomeness...

Well, my wonderful friends, I hope you are ready for some fantastic news....

Creative Inspirations Paint 

now sells....


So, what is Resinesense?  Well, let me give you a little introduction, shall I?

To sum it up, Resinesense is a one part, clear UV resin.  MEANING... Simply apply or pour in a  mold, set in the sun or under a UV lamp to cure, and ta-da! Custom Resin embellishments! Yeah... I'm pretty excited about this. :)

Now, this would be a super long tutorial if I tried to teach you EVERYTHING in one day, so I'll share a little to get your creative juices flowing, and you can keep your eyes peeled for more tutorials on this fun new product in the future...

Let's take a look at molding some resin embellishments... 

for this, I used some Amazing Mold Putty and a clear stamp to make a custom mold (how stinkin' cool is that!!!), however, you can also buy pre-made molds.

Simply fill the mold with the Resinesense. Keep the tip of the bottle close to the mold. It has a consistency of honey, move slowly and allow it to flow into crevices. You don't want to create any air bubbles, so just take it slow. You can use a toothpick to help encourage the resin if it doesn't want to move into some of the tighter spaces. If you do get bubbles, try to remove them with the tip of the bottle or a tooth pick. 

Don't over fill your mold.

Now set in the sun or under a UV lamp to cure... I usually let mine cure for around 20-30 min, then I check on them. If they are hard, and not at all sticky or wet, they are done.

So.... what if I want to add color?????

Step 1: Prep your mold by wiping it down with a little oil. (I use coconut oil just because that is what I have in my kitchen at the moment... but another member of the design team uses olive oil...) Don't go crazy with the oil! It really only takes a tiny bit!

BTW if you have a hard time getting your resin embellishments out of a mold, you can oil your mold before filling your mold even if you are keeping it clear. :)

Step 2: Brush on a layer of pigment powder such as Pearl EX or Perfect Pearls. It will stick to the oil. Make sure to dust out any extra. You don't want any piles of loose powder.

Step 3: Fill mold with Resinesense, just like I described above... slowly. Let it flow into the mold.  

Again, set it in the sun or under a UV light to cure. Since the pigment powder is just lining the mold, it will take the resin the same amount of time to cure as the resin we did nothing to.

Once cured the resin embellishments can be carefully removed from the molds. The great thing about silicone molds is that they are flexible, so removing the embellishments is easy!

Clear and an antique silver... Beautiful, huh! And totally customizable too!  You can paint these, sand these, stamp on them (with StazOn ink)

SO much fun! Just think of the possibilities! And making your own molds... your world of possibilities just multiplied by.... 

Ok... Just blew my mind trying to think!

And that is just getting started! The CI design team and I have SO many more ideas up our sleeves to share with you! 


(yes, I just squealed. I got all worked up thinking about stamps, and molds, and resin embellishments, and paints, and.... breathe... breathe... breathe...)

Ok... you can buy Resinesense HERE.  (and you can pick up the UV lamp you saw me using there too if you want.)


*edited: the link to buy Resinesense is now fixed! Sorry about that!


Unknown said...

Love your project!
Love the tutorial!
Amazing banners!

Emily D. said...

Awesome banners!! Great tutorial!

Shea said...

Love this tute, Kassi, and now you've made me want to buy some mold putty to make my own molds! Hadn't tried that one yet! Thanks for the inspiration!

~ Kendra ~ said...

Wonderful tutorial!! Need to get me some mold putty!