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Saturday, April 9, 2011

faux plastic...

Welcome back everyone!  
I hope you are all having a fabulous spring weekend! I come today with a fun way to give a little extra something to you flowers.

What you need:
Flowers (I'm using white Primas)
Creative Inspirations Paint
Ultra thick embossing enamel (UTEE)
Heat tool
Glitter (optional)

 Step 1: begin by painting your flower with your desired color of Creative Inspirations Paint. Here, I am using Amethyst.

 Step 2: dry your flower completely. This is important to avoid problems in later steps.  

 Step 3: tap your painted flower onto a VersaMark pad. (any clear embossing ink works)

 Step 4: cover your flower with UTEE.

 Step 5: carefully heat the UTEE. Start with the heat gun far away, and slowly move it closer... If you move to fast, the powder will simply fly all over instead of melting. 
*I strongly suggest using tweezers to hold it down while heating. The air from the heat too is hot, and the embossing enamel gets very hot. Please be careful!*

 Step 6: working quickly while the embossing powder is still hot, cover the flower in UTEE again, then heat.

 Repeat this process to build up desired amount of UTEE. I usually do 2-4 layers.

You can stop here if you desire.
 Step 7: if you want, you can sprinkle a little glitter over the flower while the last layer is still hot.

 Step 8: heat the UTEE again to seal the glitter into it.

The CI paints are packed full of shimmer, so the glitter isn't really needed, but adding in the slightly larger pieces of glitter adds a little extra interest and texture.

 Have fun!


Creative Inspirations said...

Great tutorial Kassi.

Kianel said...

Gorgeous flowers! thanks Kassi!
Love from France, Kianel.

Sherry Kushibab said...

Good tutorial TFS - Can't wait to try this.

Beth Norman-Roberts said...

So pretty, Kassi. I love all those layers. Thank you for the awesome tutorial.

Holly said...

Ohhhhhh how fun is this?? Love the extra glitter!!!

FibreJunky said...

Neat technique Kassi!