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Saturday, March 10, 2012


Hello all my wonderfully creative friends! 

In honor of the CI & GI blog hop happening this weekend I thought it would be a great time to take a look at using stamps and Creative Inspirations Paint together in a different way....custom stencils!

 ready to play?

(If you are here for the hop, scroll down past this tutorial to get started... don't forget you have until Sunday 8pm EST to enter to win a fabulous prize of 5 jars of CI paint and $25 gift certificate to GI!!!)

Ok, lets get started!

what you need:
StazOn ink
acetate sheet
Permanent marker
Craft knife 
Pane of glass (like what you get in a picture frame)
Temporary glue (optional)
Waterproof ink
CI paint
Makeup wedges

Step 1: Stamp you image onto an acetate sheet. 
I'm using "Simple Elegance" from GI for this

*tip: When you stamp on acetate, sometimes the stamp slides. If that happens, you can "erase" the ink using alcohol based hand sanitizer, and try again.*

Step 2: Use a permanent maker to mark where you want to cut

 Step 3: Use a sharp craft knife to cut out your custom stencil. Use a pane of glass underneath instead of a cutting mat to allow the blade to glide easier.

 Step 4: (optional) cover back of stencil with a temporary adhesive.

 Step 5: (if you did step 4) when glue is dry, pat with your fingers, or clothes to de-sticky it slightly.

 Step 6: Use a waterproof ink to stamp on your project

 Step 7: Aline your stencil over your stamped image

 Step 8: Start applying CI paint using a make up wedge in a pouncing motion

 Step 9: Continue adding and blending the CI paints.
(I've used Sky Blue, Amethyst, Rustic Red, and Fuchsia)

 Step 10: Remove the stencil and store it for the next time.

 Isn't that a fun way to add color and shimmer?

wanna take it to the next level?

Advanced version (or at least the "advanced patience" version):

now that you have the basics down, let's try doing a more complex stencil, or I guess I should say set of stencils.

I made 7 different stencils for this one image.  
Each stencil had different areas cut out.

(I suggest starting by stamping the image on a scrap piece of paper, and mapping out what you want to cut before you start cutting the stencils so you know what you're doing)

The stencils make blending color for individual flowers easy. And after the initial time investment of making the stencils, you have them to use over and over!



Creative Inspirations said...

OMG Kassi!!!! This is very cool!

Dawnll said...

What a fun and creative idea, love how you used the paints

~ Kendra ~ said...

great tutorial Kassi!! Very neat!

Kianel said...

Super cool tutorial Kassi and beautiful creations!
Love from France, Kianel.

Sandie said...

Love this tutorial, will have to get to it and try it out! thank you