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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Full of Shimmer and Bling

It's Tuesday! I'm going to try and took a look each week at all the different CI Paints. I've been looking at all the different ink pads I have and have been comparing them to the CI Paints. I have found some very comparable matches. So I'm going to share them with all of you lovely bloggers. I'm taking a look at both Stampin' Up colors (which I don't own all, but a little over a dozen) and other ordinary colors you can get at Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's or Michael's.

It was my parent's anniversary this past weekend, so Saturday morning I went to main little slice of heaven and went to work. I am so pleased with how this card turned out! It's one of those I hate to give away! Of course I used my favorite product, CI Paints, to add shimmer, but also tried my new i-rock tool, which I loved to add bling to this card.
Look at the shimmer! My mom loved it!
I used CI Paints Rustic Red, Antique Silver and Tutu Pink. In the main image I used the paints to accent certion areas of the stamps to give it a little shimmer.

I first stamped my image on a plain piece of cardstock. Notice the black circle in the image below - when I stamped that heart I didn't push down hard enough on the right side over the stencil, so I only got a little ink on that side and I wasn't happy with how it turned out. I used SU's ink pad "Red Riding Hood", so with some experimenting with the CI Paints, I found that "Rustic Red" was an excellent comparison. So I was able to fix my problem!!

You really can't even tell I made a mistake! I was so much happier when I fixed it with the paints!! Before I started comparing the colors I was debating on stamping the whole image over again.
Ink Comparisons:
Stampin' Up "Red Riding Hood" ~ Rustic Red
VersaColor #33 Pink ~ Tutu Pink
Memento London Fog ~ Antique Silver

I used all three of these inks on this card and found that they are almost excellent color matches with the CI Paint colors listed! Now there also can be some variation, depending how think the paint is put on and/or how much ink is transfered to the paper.

I just was so excited that I was able to fix my problem with the paints!

I used a fantastix to paint the shimme on certain pieces of the image as well as cleaning up my mistake.

I also have found that a toothpick works great for smaller detailed areas.
I have always enjoyed using smaller ink pads to use as sponges on my paper or to add ink around the edges. When I was making this card I thought I would play around with cotton balls with the CI Paints to give some detal, but most importantly SHIMMER! I love how it turned out! I first dabbed it on a scrap piece of paper and then on the actual piece, as when you first dabbed the cotton ball in the lid of CI Paint there tends to be too much on the cotton ball.

Once again these paints are truely amazing!! The things you can do with them, is truely amazing!

Have a shimmery day!



goatesgirl said...

great stuff Kendra...I will have to add some cotton balls to my scrappy if i only had stamps to use my paints with...I need to think up some uses for these other than stamps

Creative Inspirations said...

The paints work great on wood too. I have some little wood kids frames and hearts that you get at Michaels and painted them using Inspirations. The sparkle shows really well.

Creative Inspirations said...

Another awesome job Kendra. Love the card and a great idea. I fixed my mistakes on my daughters baby shower cards using the paints. Of course I put the paint in an old ink pad and stamped using the paint so I didnt have to do any matching but that is a great idea.

Kassi said...

great job Kendra! wonderful color matches!

goatesgirl- check out the tutorial label in the side bar. There is more ways to use the paint than just stamps!

~ Kendra ~ said...

Becca ~ You can use the paints for so many things. As Kassi said check the sidebar out. I also am hoping to do a tutorial on using the paints to cover brads, one of my fav. things to do. You can also use the paints to paint on your cricut cuts to add shimmer.