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Thursday, July 1, 2010

tips and tools

Hey all you wonderful people! I'm gonna shake things up a little. *something I'm good at... LOL*
Anyway, because of the changes made to the DT, and how late they came, I told the DT that they could have this week off. So, you gotta put up with me today... sorry. :)
I promise, next Thursday we will be back on schedule with the DT challenge projects that I know you all love!
However, I don't want you to leave here today feeling uninspired, so I thought I would show you a peek at some of the tools I find myself using all the time with the CI paints and a few tips and tricks I've learned along the way.

Wow... so when I was grabbing a bunch of tools for that picture, I realized just how many things I really use with the paint. I guess that also shows how versatile the paints are... I didn't put in everything I use with the paints, cuz that might have made for a longer novel than Twilight... hehehe...

ok, I'll start with the obvious... paint brushes. I use different sizes depending on what I am doing, and how large of an area I am trying to cover.
I also us a water brush (the kind that you put water in the handle...). I find this works well as an eraser if I get paint were I don't want it. Because the paints are water based, you can use water to remove paint. (you need to work fast, and it works better on water color paper than plain cardstock, but it is always worth trying.)
Fantastix are fabulous for watercoloring, blending, shading, etc. I plan on doing at least 1 tutorial featuring them in the near future.
I also use stamps a lot. Sometimes I use the paint as ink, other times I emboss an image with embossing powder and paint it in. (the embossing powder helps define your lines, and keeps your paint from spreading where you don't want it.)
Finger daubers are a great way to apply paint to a variety of surfaces, including your stamps.
I use Cut & Dry foam (by Ranger) to make my own stamp pads with the ink. (this is also why I have a wooden spoon from the single serving ice creams... it spreads the paint over the foam very nicely... kinda like spreading butter......)
Q-tip are great for taking paint off of the embossed areas of your image. Just get one end damp, and you have an nice controlled way to touch things up.
Have a tiny area you want to paint? No prob! Grab a tooth pick or skewer....
My mister is a must have for me. I use one by Ranger, but, you can use any mister you want. I use mine to mist paper and ribbons before painting, water down the paint, and just about anything I need a little water for. *side note... when you are near the end of your jar of paint, sometimes the paint is kind of thick... a squirt or two of water, shake, and you are back in business*
That jar of pink... that is my water for washing brushes. (yeah, I should have put clean water in before taking the photo, but hey, at least you know it is well used...)
Having sticky-notes is like having extra hands! Place any small item to be painted on the sticky side of the paper, and it stays in place while giving you something larger to hold on to. It won't rip your paper, or leave sticky residue... FAB!
I was at a beauty supply store a while ago, and I found disposable lip brushes, and lip gloss applicators. They are so fun! The brush is soft and small, and the gloss applicator is like using a very small sponge. Because I am not worried about spreading germs while painting, I wash and reuse.. (I only wash and reuse with paints!!!! I wouldn't reuse on me!)
That blue rubber band is actually off of broccoli... However, it is absolutely perfect! It is approx. 0.5 inches high, and 1.25 inches across. It fits just slightly snug around the lid of the paint jars and give great grip when a lid is being stubborn. *sometimes a little paint gets on the threads of the jar/lid, and when it dries, it effectively makes your jar stubborn to open. This rubber band has fixed that problem every time.*
Last in this list, a craft sheet. Can I just say how much I LOVE these things?!!! It makes clean up a snap, allows me to mix paints right on my table top, and nothing sticks permanently to them! The only thing you have to be careful of, is not to poke it with anything sharp... it doesn't like having punctures in it.... I know... I've injured a few this way....
I guess I really should have added my heat gun.... 'cuz I am way to impatient to wait for things to dry on their own!!!

So, there you have my list of things I use most with the CI paints... did you notice how many of those things you probably already have in your stash, or somewhere in your house? Yup, no fancy, expensive tools.... Just you and the paint, and what every you can find to paint with. *sigh* Sometimes, simple is just plain refreshing!

Ok, one more quick tip before I sign off for the day... One of the first things I do when I get a new jar of paint (after all the ooohing and aaahing and drooling have passed) is to take the back of a paint brush and dip it in the paint. I then dab that onto the lid. It makes for an easy color reference, and quick find of colors.
Well, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!
I'll be back on Monday with another tutorial.... Which reminds me, have you entered our current blog truffle drawing? If not, you still have a little time. You could be the lucky winner of 5 jars of Creative Inspirations Paint. To sweeten the deal, the winner gets to pick which ever colors they want! Click HERE to find out exactly what you have to do to enter... it's easy, I promise.

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