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Monday, May 28, 2012

Acetate Glaze

Happy Memorial Day everyone. I know I should have had something a lot more patriotic however, I did not bring my war hero stamps or phrases on my move. I did get some new stamps in the mail and I really wanted to try stamping on acetate. Well it did not work out to well as I do know have the right kind of ink and it just kept smearing!!! I really need to go pick up some Staz-On!

Well from my card today I have a new stamp I got from The Great Impressions Stamps and it was so much fun to use and it would have been better if it stayed on and in place. This card took a little improvising on my part as I did not bring everything with me when I moved and I have yet to get anything out of boxes or bags :(...... But I managed this. I am hoping today to find some cheap storage solutions for the tiny closet space I have for all my craft items. 

So first I tried stamping the image on the acetate, because that is how it was suppose to be done. Since that didn't work I stamped it on some white cardstock. After cutting the image out I laid down some glossy accents and mixed in the paint then laid the acetate down on the image and smoothed it out. 
(YES IT MAKES A MESS :( I was not ready for that!) 
Once dried I cut out a border to overlay on top of the image and bam added it to a panel. I am sorry it is such a plain card but as I unpack all my goodies I will have a lot more to add to it later I just have to find everything. I really like the glazed look in the background and I really want more silhouette style stamps to try this with for different times of dusk and dawn!!

Colors I used are


Colleen Dietrich said...

Shanna, thanks for sharing your acetate experience! I have never tried it, but it looks really pretty. I appreciate your inspiration!

Anne Temple said...

If I had done this, I would call this a happy mistake, although I don't think your creation is a mistake. Love how it turned out and can't wait to try it.

Creative Inspirations said...

Very pretty!

Sandie Edwards said...

This is so different and unique, and I'm certainly looking forwards to trying it out!

BarbaraW said...

I really like how your card turned out. It's a great design.

jessica said...

This is such a cool technique!! thanks for sharing!!